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April 2013 Happy Tails



Anna headed up to MA to her new mommies Kate and Harriet. She is doing fantastic with her three fur siblings! Happy days Anna!

FLOL_Audrey_April_AdoptionAudrey Hepburn:

Here is a pic of another of Holly’s babies with her new dad Mark! Audrey Hepburn went home last weekend with her mom and dad Nancy and Mark and sibling Allison and Robert. She has an older fur sister, a 10 year old labbie girl named Lady as well. What fun they will all have with this sweet girl!


Well, sweet Ben has made it to Florida to his forever home! His new mom and dad knew when they saw this boy he was the one for them! Kim and Roy would not even consider another one. Ben has a friend Sammy and they are best buds! He is not yet enjoying the pool but that will come. Enjoy your retirement in sunny Florida sweet boy!

FLOL_Betsie_and_Tip_April_AdoptionBetsie & Tip:

Here is Betsie and her pup Tip, who are BOTH being adopted by their foster momma Shelly! Betsie still has heartworm treatment to go through but is doing well! Love the hounds :)

FLOL_Cary_April_AdoptionCary Grant:

Cary Grant, nka Arlo went to his home in NY with the Howell Family! Another only doggie home so he will get lots of attention from his mom and dad and three human siblings! Happy days are ahead Arlo!

FLOL_Clark_April_AdoptionClark Gable:

Clark Gable, nka Eli with his new dad Bob. Eli will be living in CT with mom Ann and Dad Bob. He also has a human sibling. Eli will be an only doggie for now ~ can you say spoiled!!!! :)


Toby fna Dach is now with his forever family.  All were excited to have him arrive!


Fantasia never even made it on transport! While at boarding at the vet in AL for two days to get her health certificate before travel, this girl met her new mom – vet tech Lynlee! Lynlee immediately called her hubby to come down and meet her and he fell in love too. We believe in fate and fate for sure had a hand in this! Fantasia was meant to live in AL with her new mom and dad! Have a great life little girl!


Hank was the first of Betsie’s babies officially adopted! Christina fell in love with this litter weeks before they were ready for their forever homes and after speaking with their foster mom, decided Hank was her guy! Hank went right to his home on transport yesterday. He will be living in MA with 3 human siblings and a kitty cat friend :) Happy days sweet boy!

FLOL_Harrison_April_AdoptionHarrison Ford:

Harrison Ford went to his new home today! Harrison will be living in VT with the Matthews family. Harrison will have two human siblings and a fur sister (puggle) named Bryn. Happy tails sweet boy!


Jack has found his forever home! Sweet Jack went home this week ~ right next door to his foster’s home! The Mercer’s pup used to watch Jack play and wanted to meet him badly. A meet was set up and the rest is history! Jack will be living with his new family in CT. Welcome home Jack!


Well this girl did not even last long enough for me to upload her photos! May was rescued from Vidalia, GA and was transported to her foster mom in VT last weekend. Volunteers Holly and Leo did one leg of her transport and promptly fell in love! They thought she was headed to a forever home. When they found out she was in foster they immediately applied! After approval this week, they headed right back up to VT to get their girl. Happy tails May!


Meggie has been adopted! Her new daddy was looking for just the right sweet girl after he lost his senior and Meggie was the one! Meggie is loving life in CT being spoiled rotten by her dad! Congratulations Meggie ~ Enjoy your new life little girl!


Molly was adopted this month! She will be living the good life in Somers CT with her mom Miranda. She has a nice big yard and a new brother to play with! Here she is with Munson, her new bff!

FLOL Okie April AdoptionOkie:

Oconee “Okie” has been adopted. Amy and Kevin met this cute little bugger and fell in love. Renamed Ivan, he now lives in PA with his family and has FOUR siblings – Ryan, Ellie, Max and Karlena. Ivan also has two feline friends LeBrini and Avalanche and he gets along great with them! Everyone loves him and he’s already made friends with the neighbor dog. They love jumping and chasing each other! Enjoy your new life Ivan! Happy Tails :)

FLOL Teddy April AdoptionTeddy:

This is Teddy. Many of you will remember his sad video we posted. You see, Teddy was severely unsocialized and scared of everything. Noises, people, even moving. A beautiful boy, product of a breeder in GA who used him, kept him locked up and then chose to drop him at the vet to be killed because he was so afraid. That’s where Teddy’s journey began. Our rescue partner SOAPS in GA stepped in to try to help this guy. They sent out emails to rescues begging for help. FTLOL’s stepped up and said we would take him in! Teddy than began his Journey to a new life. Our wonderful fosters in RI, Cliff and Katie, took in Teddy. He was alot of work. He was great in the crate but never wanted to come out. This is all he knew. Slowly, he improved. He started learning to be on a leash, and was in fact great at it. He took long walks in the woods and learned to trust, just a little. Time, patience and lots of love did the trick. Teddy was ready to find his forever family that would understand he needed lots of love and patience. That is would not be easy, but he was oh so worth it.

In came the Giglietti family of CT. They saw Teddy’s photo and fell instantly in love. We had concerns, although a great doggie home, they had four children (two sets of twins!). Would such an active home be too much for our sweet boy? A meet and greet was scheduled and guess what – Teddy loves the kids! It was a great fit and Teddy finally went HOME! Teddy is doing fantastic! Mom and dad Ann and Marc love him to pieces. He loves the kids and is now part of a family!

Thank you to our “village” for helping this boy and to the Giglietti for their love and patience (and us putting them through the ringer!). Happy Tails Teddy boy. You are loved by many!

FLOL Willy April AdoptionWilly:

Willy was recently adopted! His dad applied with us some time ago, but although a great doggie daddy – he could not have large dogs where he lived. So what did he do? Yup, he moved and when he saw Willy he was glad he did! Willy is doing great and has a doggie friend to play with as well. Happy days sweet boy!

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