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July 2012 Happy Tails



Beautiful Mia was adopted by the Dorne family in Connecticut.  She has a feline friend to play with in her new home and a human sister.  Mia was drawn to her immediately and followed her around the house on her meet and greet.  A match made in heaven!  Have a great life Mia, and congratulations to the Dorne family who received a jewel of a girl!


Sweet little Lena found her forever mom in Connecticut. Kate was looking for a special little girl. She met this whole litter but knew Lena was the girl for her! Lena will have a wonderful life with lots of love and walks with her mom Kate!


Annabella has been adopted and will be living with her new family in Massachusetts.  This sweet girl came a long way from unwanted and unloved in North Carolina to pampered and adored in New England!  Congratulations Seamus and Kristen ~ you have a great girl!


This beautiful girl has finally found her home!  Rescued as a young pup and “just another black dog” available for adoption, Ebony was growing up in her foster home.  Because she did not photograph well, no one ever wanted to meet her to see what an awesome girl she was!  Vicki in Maryland saw through the photos and realized this girl would be a great fit for her lifestyle.  All is going great and Vicki is SO glad she gave Ebony a chance, she just loves her so!


Sweet Grace was rescued from a shelter in TX.  Covered in painful mange and skin infections, who knew what a beautiful girl she would turn out to be!  One look at her and the Duing family in Pennsylvania knew she was the right pup for them!  Grace will live out her life with lots of love from her new family ~ including two human siblings!


Lenny is the black and white male from Lucy’s litter of pups that everyone just fell in love with ~ including the Smith family in Connecticut.  The family met Lenny at an adoption event and immediately applied for him!  Lenny will have a great life, with two human siblings to play with!  Hurray Lenny!


Sweet little Levi was adopted after his new parents, Renee and Aaron met him at an adoption event.  Love at first site and the rest, his history!  Levi will be living in central CT with the newlyweds and will someday have human siblings to love and play with!


Lucky Lewis, now Scooby, was at an adoption event on a Saturday.  Her new mom saw her and wanted her right then!  We are able to get in touch with her vet and references and, since she lived across the street from the park, we were able to complete a home visit.  Viola!  Lewis found his new home!  His mom Phyllis was thrilled!!!


Piper, one of Mandy’s pups, was adopted by the Moyer family in Connecticut.  They met her at one of our adoption events and decided she was the pup for them!  Piper has a human sister that loves her to pieces and a loving family to care for her for her lifetime – exactly as she deserves after such a sad and difficult start to her life.


This beautiful little girl was barely listed when she was adopted!  Rescued from Georgia, Stitch’s new mom saw her photo and fell instantly in love.  She will be living in New York state with her new mom with lots of property to explore!


This beautiful girl was rescued from Alabama and traveled to North Carolina to be fostered with Janelle.  Well, she never made it any further.  Lucy fit in so well with their pack and Janelle fell in love with the beauty that they could not let her go!  Congratulations Lucy, it must be nice to be so loved!


Lucky Thimble got adopted!


Lucky Zipper got adopted!


Handsome Harvey left MO via AlphaDog Transport headed for DE.   His dad Johnny had been waiting for his arrival for a few weeks and was so happy when they finally got to meet.  Dad says Harvey is turning out to be one tall  handsome well behaved boy and enjoys having a canine companion again.


Austin originally came AR and  spent most of his life in a shelter.  He was adopted once only to be returned due to divorce.  This was very hard on a boy of less than 18 months and he was frightened of everything. We brought him to MO and showed him that life is good.  He had lots to learn but he found the perfect home out  east to New York where he is cherished family member.

Bobby Sue:

Bobbie Sue kna Stormie was with us for over 8 months.  They say great things come to those who wait and for Stormie this was certainly true.  This Missouri girl now lives with her dad in IL and is enjoying the high life!  she is treated like a queen and even goes on boat rides with her dad and friends when she needs a break from everyday life.  Such a lucky girl!


From a small town Missouri pound, Grace (pictured on the left) was very shy and scared of new situations and people.  Olivia and Chris in St Louis decided to open their hearts and home to this scared little one, resolving to do whatever necessary to help her overcome her fears!  Grace has responded so well to being in their home!  She loves her new fur-brother Jameson and her new human sister Haley.  Thank you Olivia and Chris!

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